Refugee from the human state

About Refugee from the Human State

Refugee from the Human State speaks of the human condition and a discordance between the need to act with compassion and openness, and the world as sometimes experienced by the artist.

The privileged vantage point of the industrialised world often obscures relationship between the individual and the geo-political: the macro and the micro. Sometime it is a struggle to be aware of these relationships and act consciously. At other times, it is difficult to forget – especially when personal choice is removed by culture, convention or law.

Drawing on contemporary phenomenon such as global conflict, the daily grind of 9 to 5 and popular culture, this work examines the liminal spaces between individuals and the worlds we collectively create. Within these spaces the human need for love, nourishment and protection, coexist with an atavistic capacity for violence.

This age old dichotomy grows in stature in an era of quiteism and acceptance. Sleeping, waking, eating, driving, staring at the screen – working, driving, eating, staring at the screen – relaxing, sleeping, dreaming ... the emperor has no clothes.

Priscilla Bracks 2004