Making the Empire Cross

About Making the Empire Cross

A long, long time ago, in a land far, far away ...

A preacher, a hegemonic ruler, and his inappropriate use of nails threatened the tenuous balance of power in a remote outpost of the Empire. These 'troubles', which have since grown to plague the entire planet, are documented by the chronicle - Making the Empire Cross.

In Unleashed! - the first episode for the new millennium - the peace of the New World is shattered by the evil Jihad Joe who storms the Capital, destroying everything in his path. It seems clear that this dealer of death is merely a foot soldier in a war between two fundamentalist groups, each fighting for the supremacy of their own self-styled hegemony. But many questions remain.

Who is Public Enemy Number 1? And who is this two-bit dictator wading into a battle that has now raged for two millennia? A babble of speculation filled the news-wire, opinions were offered, and official statements released. But just when the truth seemed within reach, a strange silence descended upon the people....

The Queensland Government, through Arts Queensland, has provided $9,999 to Priscilla Bracks to produce and present this series of artworks.


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Priscilla Bracks 2006