Creative Works

Baghdad Barbie in the Cradle of Civilisation (2007)

Baghdad Barbie in the Cradle of Civilisation

Making the Empire Cross continues in Episode 2: Baghdad Barbie in the Cradle of Civilisation

The Empire is being lured into protracted civil wars in each of its newly established territories, whilst small but well publicised victories mask the insurgents' progress towards a new world order, carved out of the chaos.

Troop morale is plummeting as it becomes clear on the ground that the only winners in this war are the armies of extreme adventure tour guides providing hard-core thrill seekers with the war zone adventure of a lifetime. Chief among these reckless chaperones is Baghdad Barbie, a black belt super-model packing an array of rocket launchers and automatic weaponry, which she uses to protect her charges.

In a bid to establish a safe but close vantage point for her tourists to watch a pitched battle on the south-eastern border, Baghdad Barbie destroys a highway bridge leaving hundreds of Empire troops trapped on the other side. When news services report the incident was the result of intervention by 'foreign' influences, troop leader GI Joe begins to suspect a sinister sub-text...

This work can also be viewed on the Making the Empire Cross web site.

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Allegory of Good and Bad Government (2006)

Allegory of Good and Bad Government

Priscilla Bracks created a modern version of the Italian renaissance fresco 'Allegory of Good and Bad Government', that was reworked to suit the personality of her home city, which is often nicknamed 'Brisvagas'. The image is divided into two panels (the effect of good government on the city on the left, and the effect of bad government on the city on the right) by a giant (fake) 'barbie' doll a top a pink iced birthday cake - a position occupied by a ruling figure in the original fresco.

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Famous (2006)


An official exhibition of portraits, paparazzi photographs, and memorabilia of the stars from the Making the Empire Cross series by Priscilla Bracks. At The Stock Room New Farm Brisbane August 2006.

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Making the Empire Cross (2006)

Making the Empire Cross

A long, long time ago, in a land far, far away ...

A preacher, a hegemonic ruler, and his inappropriate use of nails threatened the tenuous balance of power in a remote outpost of the Empire. These 'troubles', which have since grown to plague the entire planet, are documented by the chronicle - Making the Empire Cross.

In Unleashed! - the first episode for the new millennium - the peace of the New World is shattered by the evil Jihad Joe who storms the Capital, destroying everything in his path. It seems clear that this dealer of death is merely a foot soldier in a war between two fundamentalist groups, each fighting for the supremacy of their own self-styled hegemony. But many questions remain.

Who is Public Enemy Number 1? And who is this two-bit dictator wading into a battle that has now raged for two millennia? A babble of speculation filled the news-wire, opinions were offered, and official statements released. But just when the truth seemed within reach, a strange silence descended upon the people....

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Refugee from the Human State (2004)

Refugee from the Human State

Refugee from the Human State speaks of the human condition and a discordance between the need to act with compassion and openness, and the world as sometimes experienced by the artist.

The privileged vantage point of the industrialised world often obscures relationship between the individual and the geo-political: the macro and the micro. Sometime it is a struggle to be aware of these relationships and act consciously. At other times, it is difficult to forget – especially when personal choice is removed by culture, convention or law.

Drawing on contemporary phenomenon such as global conflict, the daily grind of 9 to 5 and popular culture, this work examines the liminal spaces between individuals and the worlds we collectively create. Within these spaces the human need for love, nourishment and protection, coexist with an atavistic capacity for violence.

This age old dichotomy grows in stature in an era of quiteism and acceptance. Sleeping, waking, eating, driving, staring at the screen – working, driving, eating, staring at the screen – relaxing, sleeping, dreaming ... the emperor has no clothes.

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Autumn in the Valley Between Here and There (2003)

Autumn in the Valley Between Here and There

I am interested in peripheries - the spaces between objects, dimensions, or concepts, the patterns that form at these edges, and how we as individuals interact with these changing spaces and chaos.

Peripheral spaces may be sharply defined or broad, well blended and difficult to distinguish from the spaces they separate. Passage across these spaces may take place imperceptibly by osmosis or it may form terrain which is difficult to approach or traverse. In my experience the most trecherous terrain seems to be the peripheries which may only be traversed in one direction.

This work attempts to establish a framework of variables (light, motion and space), which interact in a seemingly random fashion, enabling patterns to emerge from the chaos.

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Cocoon (2003)


Through contemplation of the process of being, the unexpected and the unpredictable reveal their greater purpose. The nature of fluid motion and the patterns it reveals, is the visual manifestation of this inquiry. Like paper soaking up ink we are permaeable to the constant cycles that flow through and interconnect all matter.

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Sacred Heart (2002)

Sacred Heart

This work considers the interactions between the physical world and the worlds of story telling and myth, in an age of electronic communication mediums.

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Weave (2001)


This series initially developed out of a feeling that the works in the series Closed Circuit, lacked texture. From this point of departure, I began a series of experiments aimed at introducing texture (or evidence of the artist's hand) into my photographs. The resulting works became a study in the nature of individuality and personal identity.

Implied within the term individuality is the notion of an indivisible duality between action and being, self and other, internal and external. Though certain perspectives may prevent a gestault view of the whole, each opposite is nevertheless present and influential at every point. As each experience passes through the permeable sheath between self and other, the individual and external world are permanently altered, changing form from one moment to the next.

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Closed circuit (2000)

Closed circuit

This work is inspired by patterns and cycles which appear in nature, the built environment and human experience, and an interest in the seemingly chaotic circumstances from which these patterns arise.

Made from discarded computer circuit boards, this series considers the life cycles of resources employed for human endeavour. By adding another event to that life, attention is focused upon the continued existance of the object, long after it has been cast away by its initial user. As with all entities, the direction the object's life takes is dependant upon its nature and the environment in which it is placed. The patterns which have emerged in this series are the result of interaction between the object and the artist's perception of the object.

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